Let's have a Genesis Experience. Introducing to the community of soft drinks and teas the refreshing blend of “Genesis Tea!”. Genesis Tea is an all natural product that we are certain you will enjoy.

Here are just a few of this delicious drinks’ benefits:

  • All natural herbal tea
  • Caffeine free *Refreshing
  • Aids with easing indigestion
  • Soothes upset stomach
  • Provides Energy
  • Relief of stuffy nose
  • Great hot or cold
  • Not just empty calories.
The mixture of natural peppermint tea, rose hip tea, hibiscus tea and filtered water is used and makes Genesis not just any tea blend, but a purposeful drink. Sweetened with cane juice, Genesis Tea delivers the healing properties of the herbs while giving a sense of new strength. Also available in sugar free, sweetened with sucralose.